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Rad 2 Drawings & Schematics

RAD 2 General Assembly

RAD2 General Assembly Sheet 1
RAD2 General Assembly Sheet 2

RAD 2 Actuator Arm Assembly Drawings

Actuator Arm Column Base Pieces
Actuator Column Outer Pieces
Actuator Column Centre Pieces
Actuator Arm Cylinder
Actuator Arm Assembly
Actuator Arm IE Ratio Selector
Actuator Arm Assembly

RAD 2 BVM Shelf Assembly Drawings

Bag Base
Bag Base Supports
Bag Slide Assembly 3D

RAD 2 Frame Assembly

RAD2 Base Panel
RAD2 Top Cover to Slotted Panel
RAD2 Slotted Panel
RAD2 Side Panels
RAD2 Electrical Compartment Back Panel
RAD2 Electrical Compartment Top Panel
RAD2 Electrical Compartment Door Panel for OS Assembly
RAD2 Frame Assembly 3D

RAD 2 Guard Assembly

RAD2 Fixed Cover
RAD2 Hinged Cover

RAD 2 Motor Mount Assembly

RAD2 Crank Arm 43mm Between Centres
RAD2 Motor Mounting Bracket
RAD2 Gusset for Motor Mounting Bracket

RAD 2 Scales and Tables

RAD2 Articulated Arm IE Scale
RAD2 Articulated Arm IE Table
RAD2 Setting Respiration Rate
RAD2 Tidal Volume Amplified Scale 0-60cm H<sub>2</sub>O
RAD2 Tidal Volume at 0-60cm H<sub>2</sub>O
RAD2 BVM Shelf Height and Tidal Volume

RAD 2 Tidal Volume Indicator Assembly

RAD2 Electrical Compartment Door Panel Sheet 1
RAD2 Electrical Compartment Door Panel Fixing Stop
RAD2 Tidal Volume Adjustment Bracket
RAD2 Tidal Volume Meter Mounting Plate
RAD2 Tidal Volume Indicator Arm
RAD2 Tidal Volume Meter Assembly 3D

RAD 2 Circuit Options

RAD2 Circuits
RAD2 Circuits