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What is the RAD?
The RAD is a time triggering air delivery device that is designed to deliver a volume of air at a rate to a patient in need of ventilation. RAD stands for Respiratory Aid Device. An open source design for a respiratory aid device that can be built and used around the world. The design philosophy is around open source, ‘simplicity of build’ and the use of ubiquitous parts.
All the necessary components can likely be sourced locally, or where not, the builder can substitute in parts. Where this happens, it is important to adapt accordingly, so that the volume, breath rate and inhalation : exhalation (I:E) ratios are maintained, otherwise further characterisation will be required.

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There are two models of the RAD. RAD1 is a basic model while RAD2 has additional features as explained below:

• RAD1 provides a basic tidal volume adjustment with a fixed IE ratio for each tidal volume delivered and a variable respiration rate. It utilises a straight actuator arm.
Its operating circuit can be as simple as a 12v battery and motor speed controller or utilise a power supply and additional features.
Please see the circuit options.

• RAD2 provides a finely adjustable tidal volume meter with a variable IE ratio range for each tidal volume and a variable respiration rate.
It utilises an articulated actuator arm in order to achieve the range of variable IE. The circuits are more sophisticated on the RAD2 and may include a display for the breaths per minute rate.
Please see the circuit options.

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What are the RAD’s limitations? (IMPORTANT)
The RAD should be utilized only in a healthcare setting with direct monitoring by a clinical professional. While it cannot replace an FDA-approved ICU ventilator, in terms of functionality, flexibility, and clinical efficacy - the RAD is anticipated to have utility in helping free up existing supply or in life-or-death situations when there is no other option.

Who Can build the RAD?
The RAD can be built where a team have access to a small workshop. Access to a basic woodworking workshop is best, while the builder will also require some electrical skill when putting the electrical components together.

How do I build the RAD?
The RAD can be built using the instructional videos, drawings and parts lists provided, all of which are Open Source and free to download.

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Please refer to the "Project Documents Library" for Drawings & Circuit Schematics related to Building the RAD.