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Rad 1 Drawings & Schematics

RAD 1 General Assembly

General Assembly

RAD 1 Actuator Assembly Drawings

Actuator Column Base Pieces
Actuator Column Outer Piece
Actuator Column Centre Pieces
Actuator Arm
Actuator Cylinder
Actuator Arm Assembly 3D

RAD 1 Bag Shelf Assembly Drawings

Slide Back
Bag Base
Bag Base Support
Bag Slide Handle
Bag Slide Assembly

RAD 1 Cover Guard Assembly

Fixed Cover
Hinged Cover

RAD 1 Frame Assembly

Base Panel
Top Cover to Slotted Panel
Slotted Panel
Side Panels
Electrical Compartment Back Panel
Electrical Compartment Top Panel
Electrical Compartment Door Panel
Frame Assembly - 3D View

RAD 1 Motor Mount Assembly

Crank Arm 43mm Between Centers
Motor Mounting Bracket
Gussett for Motor Mounting Bracket

RAD 1 Scales & Tables

BVM Shelf Height & Tidal Volume
Respiratory Rate (BPM)
Tidal Volume at 0-60cm H2O; 20°C using Ambu Spur2 BVM
Tidal Volume Simple Indicator
TV Simple Indicator (Photo)
Tidal Volume Simple Scale Mount

RAD 1 Circuit Schematics

Simplest Circuit with Battery Power Only
Mains Circuit with Emergency Battery
Motor Speed Control Schematic
Mains Circuit with Emergency Battery & Charging